Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feeding tube awareness week!

Its feeding tube awareness week!
Here is Gracie at 22 months old in all her pink glory.
The mirror seems to be her favorite past time right now and I just die when she crawls away from the mirror, stops in her tracks, and looks back one more time to check out her backside. I die.
I love how she looks at herself...and especially here.
To read how Gracies journey began read here:
(see the link on the side bar, under her picture)


"Cody's Mom" Chrissy said...

Those pictures are precious. I love her!

Victoria said...

She is more and more adorable all the time! What a precious little girl! :-)

meghan said...

She is such a beautiful baby girl. I can't believe she's 22 months already! Amazing.