Monday, December 7, 2009

I can't bow low enough

Well, our sweet Grace made it through both surgeries and is doing extremely well. She is like a new little woman...she can hear and is sporting a new tummy accessory.
I had a dear friend remind me of Psalm 23. While Grace was in surgery and I was in the waiting room I kept reciting it over and over and was struck by the end of the passage:
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life;
That is exactly what has happened. It seems that no matter what we have experienced or gone through as a family, God's goodness and mercy have always followed us. And to that I am so incredibly grateful.

The song Cielo by Phil Wickham has meant so much this week and captures exactly how I feel when it comes to praising God for all that He is and all that He has done...
I can't sing loud enough
I can't bow low enough
I can't reach high enough

Thank you Lord!

Surgery #2 this week!!

Well, we are off to surgery #2 at CHOC this morning. Grace is getting a new tubby tube, called a Mickey button. This will be much smaller than the tube she has now and much cleaner! Yay!
So, again, if we may ask, would you please pray for our little Gracie as she has to go under anesthesia again and have surgery on her tummy. Josh is working, Gavin is with Mimi and I'll be there with her in the hospital. Please pray for peace.
THANK YOU! How beautiful is the body of Christ?! To join together and lift up little Gracie in prayer before the Lord.
Love you!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Grace update

The surgery was a success! Thank you for all of your prayers!
We definitely felt them. Gracie couldn't eat before the surgery(8 hrs total), so when the Dr was 2 hours late, I started hoping that God would give her strength to get through it. What's neat is that the staff was so impressed that she was so happy and smiley that we got to share that there were a ton of people praying for her and that God was giving her His peace. They all agreed. :) One of the nurses also shared that because the surgery was pushed back Grace ended up getting the best Anesthesiologist in the hospital. God is so good! The Dr. let me go in with her while they put her under, which was an amazing privilege. So, I got to hold her hand and be with her. She had her eyes locked on me, so I was so glad I was there. She was a champ, a little groggy/sad after surgery, but recovered really quickly. They discovered that she had two severe inner ear infections, which we are now giving her antibiotics for. It amazes me, how happy she has been while having 2 ear infections...unbelievable. It was at home around the dinner table that we noticed her darting her head back and forth looking at each of us when we spoke, with eyes wide open, like she was hearing us for the first time. It was emotional and really precious. We are so blessed and so excited for our little girl to hear fully!

Thank you, thank you for your prayers and for loving our little Grace!! All Glory goes to God!!