Friday, November 14, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

The Irvine Park pumpkin patch has become an annual tradition for us and the Boudreau family! Irvine park is just beautiful and the kids love the train, the wandering Peacocks, the maze, and of course the pumpkins. Gavin just lit up when he saw Mark and they loved rolling, throwing, and then lining up the pumpkins in straight rows.

Dennis the Menace!!

Well, it was our first Halloween at our new house. The great thing was that it looked like a haunted house without any decorations! hehe :) Gavin was "Dennis the Menace" this year...literally, so we thought it was a perfect time for that costume! :) He pulled his wagon all around the neighborhood, sling shot in hand, and we had a great time meeting our neighbors. We can't wait to finally move in! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our first home!!


During AC install...

Welcome to our beautiful home, horseshoe and all!!!I know...I know...Its about time we posted pics. We moved in September and life has been crazy...but wonderful crazy! Thanks to the amazing Farr Family, we have had a great place to stay while we fix up our fixer upper! With high hopes of moving in in a month, we are now at 6 weeks, with a kitchen torn out and no bathroom floors or toilets. So, we like to tell ourselves that it will be, "Just 2 weeks more." We are definitely making headway though. My husband has been amazing, working full time during the day and working at the house every night and weekend. He has torn out the dog run on the side, torn out a kitchen, rebuilt cabinets, installed a dishwasher, sink, and stove top, and the list goes on. We have been so grateful to friends and family for all of their help (I'm starting to wonder if Mike and Shanna are glad we moved in so close). We honestly feel so blessed to have gotten this home and we can't wait to move in and build our family there! :) Hopefully "After" pics will be coming soon.