Friday, December 21, 2007

Little Scribbles!!

As most of you know, Josh and I were back in school this year. Josh finished his last class about a week ago and got an A!!! It was Spanish, so an A was Yay!!! This was the only class between him and his degree, so Josh will be graduating in Spring! Hallelujah! I have a few more classes left, but my semester ended this week and what a relief. The feeling as I walked out of the classroom of that last horrible final was sheer joy. I know most of you will have to dig deep to remember that feeling, seeing as though most of you graduated with me 10 (yes 10) years ago. But as soon as the relief comes the anticipation for final grades consumes you! So, the end of the semester is not completely satisfying. Tuesday night was my last final(1 week before Christmas), Wednesday I bought my first gift. But tonight came the real relief with final grades! With two A's came two Yay's! I know... sigh
Now, I can stop checking my school email account every 30 minutes and move on with Christmas! I love Christmas and if I could be home all day doing crafts and wrapping gifts I would. Oh wait...I can! :) The blessing and curse is that I have this beautiful child who loves to do whatever I'm doing and of course be right in the middle of it, yelling MOMMY! So wrapping...a challenge, keeping any sort of craft going...a challenge, Christmas music( when all he wants to have on TV is Dora)...a challenge, and Christmas Cards...forget about it. Unless...I can involve him somehow. A stroke of genius...I decided to put a little red crayon in his hand and allow him to create right along with me. This meant that... A. I could even attempt Christmas cards this year and B. He would have fun and be occupied. So when you get our card this year and notice the messy red crayon on the outside of your envelope, it was meant to be there, it was Gavin's gift of little scribbles.
Jesus is so good and His blessings are many. Those little scribbles are what it's all about, its not about what I can accomplish, but is love being accomplished in the process.
I thank the Lord every day for all of His wonderful gifts, school being one of them. I have loved this year and the challenge of school, growing and learning. I love that there is a season for everything and I can't wait to enjoy this season of rest, family, and God's love.
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2007