Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is it June already?

We have our new door up! Yay!! Now...what to do...Stain or paint? Not sure.
Josh also rebuilt the bar to be a little sturdier so that when we have rowdy teenagers climbing on it, we don't have to worry! He really did an amazing job. Austin Hardwood is his new favorite store...he is like a kid in a candy shop! I love it.
I love the pics of Gavin holding Gracie after he just woke up from his nap. Don't you just love those sleepy blue eyes? Gracie is finally holding her head up. She is getting stronger everyday! Yay Grace!

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maxmansmom said...

I just caught up with your blog. Now that the kleenex are piled up next to me, I think I can see enough to type !
Your kind heart and love just pour out on these pages, I am just so amazed by you !
I also notice that lovely miss Gracie looks ALOT like her daddy ! I thik Gavin resembles you, but in some of her pics I see her daddy. Love the updates !!!