Sunday, June 28, 2009

Father's Day

Well, we just so happen to have 5 wonderful Father's to celebrate on Father's Day. It called for a crazy day, but they are all worth it!
Father #1- God our Father. Thank you Lord for loving us unconditionally and teaching us what a father is.
Father #2- My wonderful husband, Josh. He is seriously one of the most amazing dad's. He is patient, a great teacher, and is SO much fun!! He is an amazing story teller and you would never know it, but the BIGGEST ham when it comes to entertaining his kids.

Father #3-My Pops, John. He loves me so much, and loves Josh and my kids. He also worked really hard so that I could attend a Christian school all of my life and I will be eternally grateful for his love and support. Gavin and Gracie love when Grandpa John stops by to play. We love you so much Dad!

Father #4-Guy, My Dad and technically my Father-in-law. He is such a kind and wonderful man. He loves to give and create time to be with his kids and family. I have known him now for 12 years and love him so much. In fact, so much that when I went to give him a hug on Father's day I slipped my hand in his shirt(on accident...and almost died of embarrassment! hehe :). Oh and he is a wonderful G-Pops to our kids.

Father #5-Jeff, my amazing step-father. He is so thoughtful and kind, always working hard to give of himself to his family. He makes a mean Tri-tip and loves stopping by the house with Max, while he is out on a run. We love him so much and of course, Gavin and Gracie love Poppy! :)

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