Tuesday, June 2, 2009

9 weeks old

Well here we are with a 9 week old little Gracie. Can you believe it? I just left a Dr's appointment with the Geneticist at the Craniofacial clinic and I'm beaming. The Dr. was so positive. After seeing her she said, "Is this the same child?" She couldn't believe how healthy Gracie looked. She said if Gracie had looked this good when she first examined her in the hospital her decision to have her chromosomes tested would have been extremely difficult. She had only great things to say and man a little encouragement goes such a long way. I left so happy. :) I think it's human nature to want people to gush over your baby. But when the Dr. who is paying close attention to your child's chromosome abnormality does it...now that's saying something. :) hehe
Friday we meet with the Regional center and they will determine the kind of treatment that she will get and set goals for her. So please pray that this goes well and that God places her exactly where she needs to be. This meeting will determine whether she gets Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, or both. She also goes in for a hearing test on the 22nd and we are really praying that this goes well. 95% of kids with Cleft pallet have to get tubes placed because of the fluid build up in the ears. Gracie has passed her initial test in the hospital and then failed a second. This could mean that its just fluid build up or that there is something else wrong. Who knows. We will just pray and cross that bridge when we get there.
Thank you for your continued prayers. We are so proud of our little girl and secretly I love that I've gotten to hold a teeny tiny 7lber for a couple months now...but don't tell anyone. :)

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