Sunday, May 3, 2009

"I'm Dancing!"

Ok, lately this blog is appearing a little depressing... ;)
It has been a wonderful outlet for me to vent my feelings. But, all though things are a roller coaster at the hospital, my home is still a haven.
My husband just may be the funnest Dad in the whole world. I come home to the beautiful sound of my sons voice calling out Momma(not Mommy anymore)!!! I run in, we hug and twirl and he starts telling me how him and daddy have been playing Voltron. Yep, Voltron! I think all of those science fiction books have come in handy for fatherhood. :) When they play swords, Gavin yells,"Back foul beast!" Something only Josh could teach him. And, I almost peed my pants today when Josh told me that we have to start working with Gavin on not growling, because he is scaring people! :) "Ummm...where do you think he gets it?" I laughed.
Oh, the funniest thing today...I was running out of the door to go to the hospital and Josh brought Gavin out to say good bye. Gavin had just gone potty, so he was ONLY in his t-shirt. He wriggled loose from Daddy and ran out onto our walkway, basked in the sun, he started spinning, arms raised high to the sky saying, "I'm dancing!!" all his glory in the front yard. We were laughing so hard that we could hardly speak to get him to come inside. Our neighbors may have had a good laugh! We sure did.
It feels so good to laugh. It feels so good to be home.

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