Thursday, May 21, 2009

Glorious life!

Life is so much fun right now. We are brilliantly exhausted and loving our kids. Gracie has gained more weight and is eating even more. In fact she is eating so much during the day now, that we were able to let her miss a feeding last night. We all got to sleep! Yay! She is now 6lbs 12oz!
Daddy got our garage organized so he can finish some undone projects around the house. He is very giddy about the whole you can tell. What is it about a man and his dad and his dad are the same way? So cute. I guess I can liken it to my obsession with dishes. :)
Gavin got to play with the neighbor kids last night. It was so adorable to watch. He hated it when we had to call him in. I remember that was my favorite thing to do as a with the neighborhood kids until I got called in for bath time. I love these wonderfully long days, it reminds me Summer is almost here and I'm sure many more late afternoons with the neighborhood kids.
The amazing painting that you see was a gift from G-Pops and Mimi. They bought it at an art show to benefit Cherise's mission trip. We love it!
We are so's ridiculous. Thank you Lord!


maxmansmom said...

I anxiously wait for your posts. I am blessed to be in the same family with you ! Wonderful news on Gracie and her weight gain. HALLELLUJA girl ! God chooses the right family for each child doesn't he ?........ I'm giddy !!

Shelly said...

WE are so blessed to be in your family!! :) Thanks for your constant encouragement. We love it!

Victoria said...

Gracie looks so cute! She is smiling! I am so happy to see that you are doing so well. It puts a smile on my face also.

Erica and Jay said...

I must be blind, I don't see the painting. So glad to hear that things are looking up.

Shelly said...

oops! I don't know how I missed that. :)