Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gavin & Grace update

We are happy to finally give you an update on our kids. Gavin is doing great. He has almost fully recovered from his bout of Rotavirus and is back to his energetic self again. He was released from the hospital Sunday night and is loving being home with dad. Phewwww!! One down, one to go! :)
Our sweet little Gracie is still in the NICU and celebrated her 2 week old birthday on Tuesday! Tuesday night also came with some tough news. Grace's Dr. informed us that Grace has a slight addition to one of her chromosomes (one of the pair). This is so rare, that they aren't sure exactly how it is going to impact her developmentally. It might manifest in some delayed development as she grows. The good news is her development so far is wonderfully normal except that she is having a little bit of trouble eating. This could be and probably is in part to the small, soft pallet cleft in the back of her mouth. The doctors are optimistic to the point of saying that there could be people walking around with this chromosome issue and not even know it. However, we have no idea what to expect. We will take it a day at a time and just pray over each stage of development for our sweet girl. She hasn't shown any signs of seizures this week, however they have decided to send her home on anti-seizure medication that they are hoping to wean her off of in 6-8 weeks. The initial episode and subsequent seizures are now thought to be the result of Rotavirus combined with inefficient feeding. rare is that? But, the jury is still out.
Please continue to pray for Gracie. We are hoping to get her home as soon as possible, but of course, we need her to be eating well at every feeding.
We have confident expectation and active hope in the Lord that He will provide our every need. Knowing that He chose us for each other and that He made little Gracie exactly the way she is and that He loves her and wants what is best for her.
Isaiah 40:11
He tends His flock like a shepherd
He gathers the lambs in His arms & carries them close to His heart;
He gently leads those that have young.

Thank you for all of your wonderful prayers, kind emails, letters, flowers, and phone calls. We feel so loved and so blessed to have such great support.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Dearest Young Family,

How beautiful your darling Gracie looks, such a blessing for her that God chose YOU to give her to.

I am praying for your Grace, and also the rest of you. Our God is a good God, and you are so right, He loves her {and you} and wants what's best for her. Beautiful scripture. Happy Easter!

xo Lidy Baars

Evan, Carrie, Emily and Tucker said...

continuing to pray with and for you! your faith and hope in the Lord encourages me - thank you
~carrie (for the johnsons)