Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, as of this morning Gracie has eaten every feed by bottle or breastfeeding for 48 hours now!!! WHooohhooo. She is just getting stronger and stronger and her endurance is getting better. Last week, the doctors wanted us to fortify her breast milk with formula to bump her up in calories and since then, she has been gaining wait at a better rate. She is now 5 lbs 13oz. She will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and 1 month old on the 24th. She is growing up before our eyes, and we are having so much fun with each little new thing she does. She loves to pucker her lips when she goes potty...hysterical and loves when daddy is around to play fun games with her. She smiles all the time in her sleep, and its just precious.
One thing to pray for...
Twice this week she has had little moments, while sleeping, where she tends to lose color. We are praying that we can get this figured out before we leave the hospital for peace of mind. We are praying to go home, but also praying for God's timing because when we go home we would love to stay there and not have to come back. :)
Josh and I are taking an infant CPR class this of the many things on a checklist we want to accomplish before going home.

Gavin, is having a blast with Mimi, while Josh is back to work. THANK YOU MIMI!! Nana and Poppy have been helping out on the nights and weekends, and came with Patsy and Carol Fleetwood this week to clean my house and do laundry! Amazing gift!!
Thank you again for your love and prayers! We have SO much to be grateful for.

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maxmansmom said...

Praise the Lord on her gaining weight and eating on her own ! BIG GIRL ! YEAH
Certainly when you go home they will give you a monitor that will go off if she has any epiosdes while sleeping.
Smart idea to take the cpr class as well, Grace is so blessed to have alert parents !
Our love to you all !