Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our protector

So, we had an amazing day at bible study today, we made it home early, all had a nap, and then Grace began to have a really hard time.
She has been struggling the last month and a half with these horrible bouts of constipation. It is horrible. She just bawls unconsolable because she is in so much pain. We have tried and tried, with a Dr's supervision to keep her regular with no success. It is so hard as a parent to watch your child go through something so painful and not be able to do much. I rubbed her back and rocked her through it, and she finally caught a break. I finished feeding her and as soon as I picked her up she threw up everything she just ate. I started to cry. For the first time in a while I felt completely inadequate to take care of her. "Lord, what am I doing wrong?", I thought, "How do I care for her?" Just then Gavin dropped a little box filled with bible verses all over the floor. He quickly said, "Mommy will you read these bible verses to me?"
Of course. Of course a box of bible verses just fell and you want me to read them to you. Of course.
It was a divine appointment.
After reading through quite a few, I was comforted, so encouraged, so reminded of God's love, His constant presence, and His desire to take us under His wing.
So, together we walked back over to Grace and Gavin said, "Don't worry mommy, God is protecting Gracie."

It was the sweetest moment. God just spoke through my precious little boy, to remind me that He is her protector.

I find it funny that my post just days ago was about God's faithfulness and how He calls us not to worry...Thank you Lord for the quick reminder.


Chrissy said...

God is amazing. Your sweet boy was used as an instrument. That brought me to tears. I love you and I pray that today is an amazing day for all of you.

Jessie Babcock said...

This is an absolutely beautiful story! Also brought tears! I love you guys Shelly! Praying for Gracie and your family.

Erica and Jay said...

I love your posts. Your relationship with God is always so refreshing. Thank you!!