Sunday, February 21, 2010

An all day bike ride!

This Saturday we had ABSOLUTELY nothing planned! Hallelujah! It was so much fun to wake up and wonder what was in store. So here it goes...
9:30am-We decide a bike ride would be perfect. The weather is absolutely gorgeous and a chance for Gavin to get his wiggles out makes it the perfect family activity.
11:00am-We realize there is no way Grace is going to fit in the bike seat we have...she is WAY too small.
1pm-Josh and Gavin are back from Chino Hills picking up a bike trailer for Grace (and eventually baby boy). Thank you Craigslist! We quickly realize a nap is going to be crucial for a successful bike ride.
3:30pm-Nap time is over and its time to get ready.
4:30pm-We are finally off on our bike ride. I smile the whole time. Watching our family "bike train" make it slowly down the tracks is just too cute to me. After breaking down and yelling, "Just peddle" a few times we happily make it to Nannie's house.
Just in time for dinner!

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meghan said...

Those are the best kinds of Saturdays! I love them too! Isn't it funny how it literally took all day to get the bike train going!? What a fun event. I'm sure you'll never forget it - especially that huge smile on Gracie's face!