Monday, December 7, 2009

Surgery #2 this week!!

Well, we are off to surgery #2 at CHOC this morning. Grace is getting a new tubby tube, called a Mickey button. This will be much smaller than the tube she has now and much cleaner! Yay!
So, again, if we may ask, would you please pray for our little Gracie as she has to go under anesthesia again and have surgery on her tummy. Josh is working, Gavin is with Mimi and I'll be there with her in the hospital. Please pray for peace.
THANK YOU! How beautiful is the body of Christ?! To join together and lift up little Gracie in prayer before the Lord.
Love you!


Sally said...

praying! we love you precious Grace...may the Lord use your tiny body and already BIG life to impact the hospital staff; and may the Lord bring strength to your treasured mommy and daddy through every step! we love you YOUNG family! xoxoxo

Victoria said...

Glad to hear that she got a mic-key. Those are so much easier to take care of! Glad to hear also that she made it through the surgery fine. Wish I would have known you guys were at CHOC, I would've loved to have stopped by to say hi. Glad she's doing well. :-)