Monday, October 5, 2009

Gracie is 6 months old!!

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My precious little girl is 6 months old!! She loves to smile and kick her feet down hard, she is just fitting into her NB shoes, she LOVES laughing at her big brother Gavin, and is completely her mothers' pride and joy.
The picture of me holding her on the wood fence, while she tugs at the leaf made me cry the first second I saw it on my camera screen. I felt it perfectly captured how proud I am of her and I hope she can always see that in my eyes.

I decided to take her 6 month pictures at an apple grove in Oak Glen! My FAVORITE Fall tradition is apple picking and I have tons of memories of picking apples with friends and family in Oak Glen, every year.
The day was full of adventure. Though, sometimes a little rough, ie. the 1 1/2 hour detour and the hornet sting, laughter seemed to be the main theme of the day. We had so much fun. It was just my mom ( Can you believe how beautiful she is?), me, and the kids.
The weather was gorgeous and Gavin had a blast! Yay! That's all that matters.
I can't believe how many pics I was able to get with my kids(Thanks Mom!).
I loved this day, and it really was this picturesque. Thank you Lord!

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gus said...

it's a cute kid you have there :), as cute as their mom, good luck for your family. I wish the best, and, buy some comics for your children, like, Superman or Spawn!