Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sweet August

August! Sweet August has been a great month. Not just because of the warm sunshine and massive amounts of pool time, but because I used August as a "Revamp my priorities month". I stepped back and reevaluated. I wish I could go into every detail of how God guided me through this month, but here is a quick overview...
I played with my kids.
I stacked legos on top of one another at random, without over thinking a design.
I was silly, and laughed.
I surrounded myself with things that make me happy, and minimized things that emotionally drained me.
I said no to events and play dates and didn't apologize.
I made time for people I wouldn't normally give a second glance.
I read my bible.
I enjoyed photography.
I danced.
I listened to God and witnessed his direction.
I took naps and went to bed on time.
I went on dates with my husband
I exercised...hard!

You know, living purposefully has been hard work and I realize it is going to be a daily process. But, I have to say that this month has made me feel alive again, and I've felt more myself than I have in months! Thank you Lord!
It is no coincidence that this decision is coinciding with my 30th birthday, coming up in October. I learned so much in my 20's and now I'm really looking forward to living a healthy, purposeful life in my 30's!!!
Bring em on!!!


Erica and Jay said...

Yes our 30's are coming in Oct; yikes! How beautiful it is to live a life of purpose. Blessings.

thebestbyfarr said...

It has been wonderful to see you rested, energized and your beauty shining through! Mom