Friday, March 20, 2009

Gavin's 3rd Birthday!

From 3-9-09 Gavin's Birthday

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Gavin's 3rd Birthday started and ended with frosting filled fingers. You can't beat that. He walked into our bedroom at 8:00 am with frosting all over his face and he said, "Mom, I need a napkin." Ummmm.... With a quick "good morning" and a chuckle I ran into the kitchen to find what was left of his birthday cake on the kitchen floor. We got a good laugh and figured that was a pretty good way to start out a 3rd birthday. :) Our day was filled with wonderful visitors wanting to celebrate Gavin. I'm telling you this kid is so loved. It started with Becky, Raegan, and Reese dropping by to play and chat. Then Mimi scooped us up and took us out to lunch at Ruby's diner( Gavin's favorite). Kelly and Jessie Babcock brought over the coolest "3" balloon and played with Gavin on the swing set. Then Grandma Marie and Grandpa John stopped by and made a special birthday dinner, one a 3 year old totally loved and dogs and hamburgers. :) To cap it all off, Nana and Poppy brought a birthday cake over at 7:30. We sang, ate, and went straight for the PJ's. The next day, he said, "Mom, who's coming to my house today?" He LOVED playing all day with people he loved. What a blessing to have amazing friends and family.
I love this age and am so proud of our little 3 year old. He is such a lovey kid. He tells me things like,"Thanks for being so nice to me mommy", "we giggles mommy", and "you look so pretty mommy". He encourages us and tells his daddy, "Good job daddy, you are working soooo hard" when he mowes the lawn and "Your the best daddy in the whole world." Josh is so proud that Gavin was reading days before his 3rd birthday. He has always loved his letters and sounds, but a whole new world has opened up as he is able to put the sounds together. Yay Gavin! He loves it and we are so proud of him. He is now 41 1/2 inches tall, 36 pounds, and wears a size 10-11 Toddler shoe. He should be right? I mean he is going to be a BIG brother here in a couple of days!

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maxmansmom said...

Happy birthday sweet boy ! We sure wish we could be near you for hugs and kisses !!
Shelly,the picture on your blog of all three of you is WONDERFUL !