Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gavin's 2nd Birthday!

Well its true...our baby turned 2! How did that happen so fast? We officially have a toddler that is 37.5" tall and 31 pounds, wears a size 8 shoe, sings his alphabet and counts to 13(if you ask him what comes after 13 he'll say an emphatic 4!!!!!!!!). Did I mention he strongly developed his own opinion too! :) He constantly makes us laugh and is in the stage of repeating everything we say.
On Thursday night Josh and Gavin ran to the ATM to get money for the sitter. Josh was explaining that he was getting money out and explaining what money was. So when the sitter came over I was explaining what we do at bedtime and she was surprised that he could pray by himself. So I said to Gavin, "Gavin lets show Alicia how we pray. Gavin, who do we pray to?" Without missing a beat he said, "MONEY". I almost DIED LAUGHING! I had never even heard him say that word and he just said that we pray to money. Yah. Mortified. :) Thats my 2 year old. We Love this stage, it is full of so much laughter and many timeouts. Did I mention the permanent marker covering our entire bedspread and the lipstick on the carpet? We are so grateful for this time and how blessed we are to have each other. God has completely blown our minds with the gift of Gavin.

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Personal Space said...

He sounds adorable. You make parenthood seem so easy and fun!