Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year

I'm happy to be sick & stuck at home this New Years day. It may sound silly but it seems to be the only thing that stops me. And I needed it. What a perfect day to be still. A perfect day to soak in & embrace the inspiration around me. My soundtrack Bethel Live. My camera Canon 5D Mark ii. My husband Josh. My kids Gavin, Grace, & Bo. My God in my heart & speaking still. I'm aware that this time is short and it counts. I often dream of how I can serve Him & how I can do more. I'm concerned with what impact i'm having. But more and more I realize He wants me, not what I can do for Him. He wants me still in His presence. Had I been moving today I might have missed the joy in the silliness, tears, drippy noses, laughter, shaved mustache, gorgeous blond curls, dirty feet & constant conversation with my God. Happy New Year indeed! I eagerly look forward to what joys my God will bring & reveal in 2012.

One Thirst lyrics
Bethel Live

You say to us seek Your face
Our hearts reply Your face we seek
Come teach us Lord reveal Your ways
Anoint us for the greater things

We have gathered with one thirst and hunger
We're here to drink of glory and wonder
Here to cry out come and fill this place

Our single wish, our sole desire
To gaze upon Your beauty God
We will not rest not will we cease
Till with our eyes Your face we see

We wait for You to
Come and show Your glory here today

We wait for You

Hallelujah come


Nana Loves You said...

How blessed I am to have my three beautiful grandchildren raised by my daughter who is so in love with Jesus! My love, Momma and Nana

Victoria said...

Shelly, your family continues to grow more gorgeous by the day! I can just see the love in your photos. Little Gracie is just beautiful and I'm so happy to see how well she is doing in your loving arms. :-)

Shelly said...

Thank you Mom and thank you Victoria! Victoria, it is so good to see you are so well and happy! I have some new neighbors with your last name, and thought it was so unusual that I asked if they knew you. They didn't...but funny to receive your comment after just talking about you this week! :)

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