Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Gavin!!

This morning we couldn't wait to wake Gavin up to celebrate his 4th birthday. I'm surprisingly emotional thinking about how much joy this child has brought into our lives. He is fun, witty, tall, adorable, loves to run, energetic, loving, kind, thoughtful, and smart like his daddy. I could go on and on. As a mom, I am so grateful that Jesus gave me such a wonderful child. I am so blessed to get to be around him everyday. Besides he makes me laugh constantly!
This morning we opened the door to find a box of donuts with a cluster of balloons and a card with a link to Gavin's special birthday song. Just this morning I was thinking about how Patsy always played a special birthday song for her boys every year and how we should do that for Gavin. But what would his song be??? Well, here was our answer. We laughed so hard we cried. This is one of Gavin's best friends singing a birthday song that she made up all by herself. Hang on, it gets really good!
It is so wonderful to have friends that love and celebrate our son like we do! :)

Love you!!


Aunty Clarice said...

You are right! Hilariously adorable! That is so cute, I almost peed my pants!

Aunty Clarice said...

Oh, and I love the pics too!

Sally said...

ahahahahahahah!!! that was so awesome! Happy Birthday Gavin! We love you! And we love you too Emme...hilarious!!

Auntie Chrissy said...

So adorable! Happy Birthday Gavin!