Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trip to Seattle!

Gavin and I had a fun adventure a couple weeks ago. We got to fly up to Seattle to visit Christine, a good family friend of ours who is a runner at University of Washington. She showed us around campus and took us to her favorite cookie shop, where they serve ooeeyyy goooeey warm chocolate chip cookies that are to die for and rumored to be the secret to Christine's success as a runner. We also took a little road trip down to Portland to visit family. We got to see Starla, Brian and the kids(it had been a year since I last saw them), Grandma and Grandpa, and Eric, MariKay, Chelsea, and Isaiah. It was so great to catch up with fam and exciting to finally watch Isaiah play basketball! Yay! God gave us great weather and we were so blessed to take this trip before the baby was born! Oh, Gavin and I also took our first train ride and Loved it! :)


Jacqueline Bansmer said...

I love Gavin with his roller bag haha classic!<33 I miss you guys

Jessica Babcock said...

SO FUN!! I am jealous. I know Christine really looked forward to and appreciated that trip! My family is at your baby shower right now!! AHH!! I hope it is wonderful! I am home from March 6th to the 14th so the baby should probably decided to enter the world then!! ;) LOVE YOU GUYS!

maxmansmom said...

Hey cousins, when is this baby due ?
Just found this song "a mothers prayer" by Laura Kaufman. Beautiful for a girl !
I've added it to Lexi's blog and it's a free download too. Just do a search on her name.