Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

Our usual tradition for the 4th grew this year! It remained in HB, just a lot more activities were planned!! We started the day with the 5k up and down Main St. I joined Claire and Mekaja, Celea, Shane, Linnea, and Dean for the stroller 5k and Josh joined Kyle for the "real" 5k run! :)
Next we watched the parade with the whole fam. I don't think I have one picture of Gavin without a Chip in his mouth or hand...what can I say...its the 4th! Oh well.
We then went to the beach all day and hung around the RV's and had a really relaxing day. We were joined by so many friends and family: The Torreys, The Boudreau's, Clarice and Co., Garrett and Chelsea and Co., Ryan, Sean, and Summer and Co. We ended the day with Fireworks and headed home!
God has truly blessed this Nation and I am so grateful for the freedom's that come with it! What a great thing to celebrate! Thank you Lord!!

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